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How I do therapy

All of us, at some point in our romantic relationships, will develop unhealthy patterns, or experience “emotional injuries” with our partners, or perhaps life challenges that cause us to become disconnected from our partners, and and lose sight of the joy and passion that we used to feel in our relationships. The Gottman Method offers practical tools to strengthen relationships, develop insight into ourselves and our partners, and to re-kindle the friendship and passion that we long to feel again. As a relationship therapist I function as a coach who teaches skills, creates opportunity for healing, and facilitates insight and understanding. It is important that my clients feel comfortable with me and my style and have a sense that we can work together to gain insight and develop tools to create the life you want.

Dr. Brene´ Brown

Dr. Brown writes, “What if stories are just data with a soul?”. In her work she tells stories about her research, and explains how the data can help us to lead better lives. I integrate Dr. Brown’s work in helping couples see and re-write their stories, and the story of their relationship, because these stories are what lead to our crucial sense of being worthy of love and connection.

Dr. John Gottman

Melissa Percy's profile on the Gottman Referral Network

Dr. Gottman’s research and methods are built on hard science and proven data. Using the framework of the “Sound Relationship House” the Gottman Method helps couples strengthen their relationships in three primary areas: Friendship, Conflict Management, and the creation of “Shared Meaning”. Through specific tools and teaching skills, couples are guided in strengthening intimacy, respect, and affection. They are given opportunities to heal emotional wounds, learn to communicate effectively, and focus on shared goals. Over time, couples often lose sight of the positive story and become focused on the negative. Using tailored interventions, I help couples recognize and understand the story of their relationship, and work together to rewrite a happy ending.