The physics of vulnerability

I am in week 3 of facilitating a Rising Strong™ group, and am once again amazed at the relevance and usefulness of Brene´ Brown's research and way of integrating her hard data with the power of story to create insight and growth for my participants. 

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"In Rising Strong  Brown builds upon her earlier work on vulnerability to examine the character qualities, emotional patterns, and habits of mind that enable people to transcend the catastrophes of life, from personal heartbreak to professional collapse, and emerge not only unbroken but more whole... Brown’s research is about what happens in the psyche and the spirit when we are in the thick of the failure itself, face down in the muddy stream, gasping for air; about what those who live from a deep place of worthiness have in common; about the choices involved in living a wholehearted life and the consequences of those choices in rising from our face down moments to march forward...Although we live in a culture of perfectionism where our idealized selves become our social currency, we know, at least on some level, that risk-taking, failure, and success are inextricably linked."

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