"Relationship Goals"

It’s that time for making changes and resolutions….again….but really, isn’t it time? You have been thinking about it, wanting it, afraid of it, maybe you’ve asked for it, but you haven’t done it. I know that New Year’s “resolutions” rarely last, but I also know that a New Year can inspire you to set goals and take action. Isn’t it time you set some “relationship goals”?

I’m talking about giving your relationship the focus, time, and investment of couples therapy. Let’s be real, having this conversation with your partner, and making this call, and this commitment is big - one of the biggest steps you can take. And you know that your marriage is the most important relationship in your life. Whether you are just feeling disconnected and want to strengthen your relationship, or whether you are in crisis, this is the best goal you can set and act on for the New Year - I think you know that. If you have thought about couples therapy, then you likely need it and would greatly benefit from it.

So why haven’t you done it? I can tell you what many of my clients tell me: They are afraid - that it is too late to save the relationship, that they will see it is worse than they thought, they are afraid it will be too expensive, they think their partner won’t agree, or won’t change, or that therapy doesn’t work, or there isn’t time in your busy schedules, and so the list of reasons goes on and on.

Let me tell you some truth: First, the longer you wait, the harder it will be, and the longer healing will take. Second, divorce is more difficult than therapy and far more damaging and expensive. And Third, and most importantly, the Gottman method is effective. It works because there is science and research behind it.Yyou deserve to be happy, and so does your partner. When you got married you made a commitment to each other - maybe it is time to follow through on that commitment and decide to pursue healing and happiness together.

Let this be the day you dig deep for your courage, show love to yourself, your partner, and your children by taking the first step towards building the happiest life you can make - Don’t just set a goal - make a plan and take action.

Call me. I can help.