courageous couples

Are you feeling lonely and distant in your relationship? Are you feeling constantly criticized and unappreciated? Are you and your partner more roommates than lovers?  Are you in crisis and conflict and need someone to help guide you to a safe place?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are normal. All relationships have their ups and downs. But truly courageous couples know when it is time to get help – whether it is a tune up or major repair, therapy can bring relief from conflict, restore hope for a happy and satisfying relationship, and build a road map for enhancing and maintaining healthy communication, friendship, and intimacy.

John Gottman’s research has shown that the relationships that survive and thrive are those in which partners continue to practice doing just a few things  – They don’t fight any less  -they don’t have less real world problems – they just know how to maintain their connection to one another so they are a team in the face of those challenges.

Brene´ Brown calls these people “wholehearted”. John Gottman calls them “masters” of relationships. Both researchers found that the regular practice of certain habits and ways of being in relationships are the basis of creating and maintaining “connection” – feeling heard, known, loved, accepted, appreciated, and supported. They know how to manage disagreements without letting them become destructive. They know how to keep their friendship strong, and the steady practice of those small things helps them support one another through life’s challenges.

Integrating the Gottman Couples Therapy Method with the work of Dr. Brene´ Brown, I help couples communicate more effectively, manage and work through inevitable conflicts, and deepen their friendship and passion. Whether you are in crisis and conflict or just want to improve your ability to work together and connect emotionally, I can help you.

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